The report which was comprised by PWC is in the public domain and the full report can be found by clicking on the cover graphic at the bottom of this post and the news release on the site can be found here.
The project involved various aspects including:

A number of local and off island industry experts and stakeholders contributed to the report and have collaborated with PwC and CfED on this initiative.
Worth taking 5 just to read the Executive Summary……

2016 – States of Guernsey Insurance Sector Strategic Review

2016.11.28 ISSR Report

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  1. Nothing revolutionary in the report, more recommendations to grow existing business segments. Shame no mention on the opportunities for captives and ILS to participate in prefunding and risk transfer in respect of disaster relief and impact investing. It’s a space where insurance is seen in a positive light and has the support of the World Bank, national governments and aid agencies.
    Now the difficult bit! Who’s going to perform the work to implement the recommendations?

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