Career development advice

Captive Managers are under pressure to deliver exceptional client service, grow their business, ensure regulatory compliance and set (and deliver on) strategy for their business. With resources limited, it can make sense to bring in external expertise to bolster internal efforts and allow staff to remain focused on their primary roles. Our support can be for a discrete project or ongoing advice.

"We maintain an extensive network of senior captive practitioners across domiciles internationally and we are aware of personnel seeking new challenges but whom are wishing to remain in the captive community."

Captive Managers

Overview of our  Services For Captive Managers

We do not seek to assume or duplicate responsibilities and activities performed by a Captive Manager. Rather, we look to bring added value to client service and/or assist the Captive Manager's management of their own business. We bring extensive experience of running a captive management business including strengthening a value proposition, winning business, innovative thinking and developing staff.

Examples of CWC services for Captive Managers:

  • Act as a Non Executive Director of clients under management.
  • Assist in responding to RFP's.
  • Review internal processes and procedures.
  • Facilitate internal workshops or away days to set strategy, establish plans or solve a particular problem.
  • Assist in staff training and education.
  • Assist in development and delivery of marketing and sales plans.
  • Act as challenger or 'Devil's Advocate' to test strategy.
  • Undertake client and employee surveys.
  • Provide market intelligence.
  • Advise on complex or unusual issues or situations that captive managers may not have encountered before.
  • Assist in identifying, and recruitment of, suitable candidates for vacant or newly created senior positions.



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