CWC will work in harmony with you and your other advisors, such as your insurance broker, to ensure a joined-up captive risk management strategy for your organisation. In today’s challenging corporate environment it is essential to align your captive strategy and operations with your business goals. Evidence of your captive delivering measurable value is vital to address internal and external stakeholder scrutiny. It has never been more important to be able to demonstrate a strategic road map for your captive is in place and a sound governance regime operating to monitor progress against set goals. Operational excellence is demanded to generate financial efficiency and maximise return on capital and resources invested in the captive.


Overview of our  Services For Captive Owners

If you are considering captive insurance for the first time or need quality independent advice on change management, CWC can assist you ensuring the captive insurance vehicle is right for your organisation.

Example of CWC services for Captive Owners:

  • Strategic review. Is your captive business plan still relevant and delivering real value?
  • Creation of a strategic road map to optimise the captive’s effectiveness and meet key drivers.
  • Domicile review. Could your captive objectives be better achieved in another location?
  • Exit strategies. If your captive has run its course, what is the best means to exit the business?
  • Health check. Are you comfortable your captive is operating efficiently and in line with industry best practice?
  • Bespoke consulting to respond to particular issues your captive faces.
  • We are happy to participate in tendering exercises in respect of the provision of services to a captive. We can assist in drafting the tender document, establishing selection criteria, assessing both written and oral presentations and the final negotiation of service level agreement and fees.



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