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Captives in Murky Water

The integrity created through properly established, run, governed and independently audited captives generally speak for itself. Captive boards may wish to appoint an independent consultant to provide assurance that policies, processes and controls are in place to deliver that integrity.

Asian acceleration

“Pleased to have offering some insight into Asian captive landscape”

PCC – 20th January Webinar – hosted by Parima

As we approach the 25th anniversary of the birth of PCCs, I’m delighted to share with the Parima audience my experience of PCCs and how application of the structure has evolved (often in unforeseen directions).

Captives: Navigating the tax maze

Insurance, regulation and tax are not the problems facing the discipline of risk management; the problem is risk. Risk is what we seek to better manage by using captives. Tax charges and regulatory compliance are also part of the landscape of risk; an adjunct to the insurance solution captives offer. A properly thought-out and executed strategy with the right tools ensures that the captive generates maximum value to its shareholder.

Captives: From the Actual to Virtual Reality

Mind the gap please …… between real and virtual captives
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions (SRCS) have unveiled the Virtual Captives Concept. What market need does it address? To whom are they suited? What gap does it bridge?
What is the applicability of a pseudo-captive within the current market reality?
Captives: the journey so far ……..

Asia Captive Summit Virtual 2020

Malcolm interviews Captive Entrepreneur, John Morrey listen to the interview or explore the full agenda of recordings.

44% of risks identified are uninsurable

It contains a lot of solid sensible information discussing captive fundamentals and will be a handy reference to those new to the captive arena. Including a Whole Captives Life Cycle

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