Malcolm Cutts-Watson speaks at Guernsey Insurance Development Forum

Delighted to be able to offer my thoughts on the future of the Guernsey Insurance industry to the industry’s younger generation at this event

I explored 3 themes:
# macroeconomics and global trends and their impact on Guernsey. Key risks identified were environmental ( climate change, natural disasters) and technology ( cyber and data security). Key market identified was Asia, and in particular China. 

#making the Guernsey operating model future proof (need to rapidly adopt distributed ledger technology such as Blockchain) 

#developing our talent (personal development programme is the responsibility of the individual). Tactics and resources to achieve your full potential were discussed

I liked the format:  casual setting,  punchy presentations and ample time for networking. Thanks to sponsors BDO and Barclays for supporting this educational initiative by GIIA. My co-presenter, Willie Lewis of Hampden  gave an overview of Lloyd’s market and its relationship with Guernsey. 

Conclusion: the future is secure but some strategic issues need to be addressed soon to maximise the opportunties.

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