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CWC empower and enhance the knowledge and standards of the individuals & companies in the industry.

Our Values give CWC the ability to respond collectively to this challenge.


What we asked the industry

Since Malcolm Cutts-Watson founded CWC he has strived to give back to the Captive Industry the extensive knowledge and expertise that he and the other consultants in CWC have obtained during their professional careers.

CWC wanted to establish the gaps in Human Capital services in the Captive Industry to see how we could help and so we asked the following question:

“Outside of the catalogue of far reaching and unique Captive Services that CWC provides to Stakeholders & Partners globally, how can CWC empower and enhance the knowledge and standards of the individuals  & companies in the industry? “

As important as identifying the issues the Captive Industry faces, tailoring a solution to fit and applying it to deliver a response. CWC had to ensure that any Human Capital services it provided also adhered to our our Mission & Vision.


What our research found

The the industry wants/needs:

 1.  Education for all Stakeholders.
 2. Development of Talent (Professionals & Organisations).
 3. Recruitment (International).

Putting the pieces together we identified these 3 main pieces to this Human Capital Empowerment jigsaw……

Putting the puzzle together


The first element ‘Education‘ we fulfil or objectives from keeping our News content up to date and on point.

You can find our Library, subscribe to our RSS feed and join us on LinkedIn on the the following.


We also carry out various workshops and our consultants often participate and chair various workshops which you will find articles about in our News Library.

Board Development

Career Development

When it came to delivering on our development goals, we found that there was a need to create two categories. One to focus on the development of individuals and their ‘Career Development‘ and the second to focus on development of Companies ‘Board Development


We maintain an extensive network of senior captive practitioners across domiciles internationally and we are aware of personnel seeking new challenges but whom are wishing to remain in the captive community. This positions CWC perfectly to be an ambassador in this role.

The importance for us was to keep the focus not just on our Core Values but to include our Mission & Vision for CWC.


The final twist

When we reorganise the puzzle slightly we came up with this our final Human Capital Solution.

This shows the distinction  between the Personal & Organisational Stakeholders and how this is split between all three categories of Education. Development. & Recruitment.

Explore the pieces

Here you can read more on each part of the CWC Human Capital initiative. 

CWC Human Capital Coloured line-8

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